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Our Stallion

Feathered Gold Dare to Compare- aka “Champ”

Eagle Ridge Equestrian Center is proud to offer breeding services by our Proven Gypsy Vanner stallion. Champ is from the best foundation lines of Gypsy Vanner horses from England, Germany and Ireland. He has been color tested and is PSSM and FIS negative.

We adhere to the highest breeding standards to promote quality bloodlines and the true Gypsy Vanner Cob type which includes substance, color, hair, performance and temperament.

Champ is registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS) and his breed fee is $1500.00. Current fees for collection and overnight shipping are not included. Quote available by request. Eagle Ridge uses the Lervick Arabians breeding station and/or on site veterinarians for collection and insemination. Either cooled or frozen semen can be shipped or live cover by approval.

To learn more about Champ’s heritage and bloodline, click on the links below:

Sire (Feathered Gold Moe) Click Here

Dam (Chavali of Feathered Gold) Click Here

Are you interested in Gypsy Vanner breeding services?

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Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed

Orgins of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed

    Through selective breeding over more than 100 years Gypsy men and their families in England and Ireland created this breed of horses. Their goal, was to create a unique draft type horse that could pull their caravans in fancy fashion yet was docile enough to be handled by their children and would work all day with small amounts of food and water.

    They designed the horse to primarily be half black, and half white. They wanted the horses to have a “WOW” factor so that each family could always have a competition on whose stallion was the finest. The average Gypsy Vanner should stand about 14.3 hands high, and be most any color these days. They should have an arched crown neck, smaller ears that curve inward, a round and correct heavy chest, thick boned legs with feathers that start at the knee in the front and the hock in the back that tent-like cover the hooves.

    This horse should have a very chiseled and refined head with tapering towards the end of the muzzle, and kind, well set eyes. The Gypsy Vanner, or Gypsy Cobb horse as it is sometimes referred to, should have a short back and a very well rounded hindquarter, and a crease down the center of the hindquarter that is called “Apple Butt.” The breed should also have a very wide and thick tail that is not set too high, and may eventually drag the ground.

    Extensive research has revealed the true origin of the Gypsy Vanner breed.  The Shire horse had the greatest influence with the Fells pony, Dales pony, the Clydesdales and the British Spotted pony also contributed to its makeup, with the Highland pony giving rise to its magnificent mane and tail.

    The Gypsy and nomadic people popularized the use of the Gypsy Vanner in Europe and gained its popularity in the USA in the mid 90’s.  At 14.2 – 15.2 hands, it is considered suitable for riding and all athletic pursuits and is favored in America for breeding purposes.